Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting

Become greener with a rainwater system.

History is showing the summer months to be dryer than ever. While having your garden landscaped, why not think of installing a rainwater system, which will give you free water to use on your plants. Rainwater is much better for use on plants and your lawn because it is softer and has no chemicals; your plants will thank you for this!

Rainwater can be collected from your roof, and diverted using your downpipes into an underground tank; the water is filtered in the tank to catch leaves and then pumped to where you need it. The pump is capable of delivering more than normal mains pressure and being automatic, is very easy to use; Just open the tap or turn on the hose and the pump will start.

Water stored underground is cleaner and safer than water stored in water butts because no algae can grow. The Flat tank can be installed with minimal disturbance to your garden.

When asking us about designing you a new garden, why not choose to make this a feature that will give you years of benefit and cost saving.

The F-line Tank that we install is provided by Rewatec who manufacture the high quality PE harvesting tanks with a 25-year guarantee. These tanks require only a small excavation, cause less disturbance to the garden, are safe to own and operate, and are ideal for existing properties.

This Rewatec video on YouTube (opens in a new page) gives a good idea of how a tank might be installed and how it can benefit your garden. If you have any questions or are interested in pursuing it further then please get in touch with us.

Save money, the environment and improve your garden by utilising your rainwater!